Monday, May 31, 2010

Nicaragua Update #2

Hello Hermanos y Hermanas!

I have been so extremely blessed being here with the brothers and sisters in San Juan de Limay. The Lord has opened up an awesome opportunity to teach English classes to some of the youth in the village. About 15 have been coming on a consistent basis; I am able to share the gospel with them. Two Sunday classes have been taught and the curriculum is working out perfect! The kids’ love having homework and a memory verse every week. I see God working already in these young children’s lives. What a joy to see them excited to recite the verse the following Sunday! What an incredible blessing! Yesterday was Mother’s day and the children made cards for their mothers. The church got together with four other congregations for a big mothers day dinner. The men served the mothers… it was a wonderful sight considering in their culture that never occurs! Pastor Vicente and 3 other missionaries from Florida went into the Capitol of Managua and the town of Esteli to preach the gospel. They preached in the streets and in the prisons. 130 people came to the Lord in the week they were gone! Praise God ☺!! Pastor Gerardo and his wife from CCRSM were missionaries here at one point, for about 2 years. They raised a little girl named Janixea from the years of 3-5 years old. They were able to come out here to start the adoption process with Mi Familia (the adoption agency here in Nicaragua.) Gerardo and Rorie needed to find her birth father who left 12 years ago in a small town north of the Capitol. Janexia’s mother Melania was there and by the grace of God she was able to lead them to his house. A miracle in itself, it had been over 12 years she had even spoken to the father. The father showed up the next morning at Mi Familia and they turned in all the paperwork needed to start the process. Please keep them in prayer, they will find out on June 11th if they are approved or not to adopt. If they are approved they have to do everything they need right away because once she is 16 years old they cannot adopt. Janexia will be 15 years old in December. Please keep Pastor Gerardo and Rorie in your prayers. I am waiting for the Rainbow Sandals to arrive June 9th so we can go distribute the sandals to very poor families outside the village. Lastly the past Monday I was very sick. I was ill with stomach cramps, body aches, a fever, a headache, and nausea. The Doctor in the village came out and he told me I had a horrible stomach bacteria. Our God is so good and so Sovereign!! I am free of all symptoms. Thank you all for your prayers! I am halfway through the trip and can’t wait to see what God does in these next 2 weeks. God Bless you all! Glory and Honor to our precious Lord Jesus!!



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blythe said...

glad you're feeling better now! wow.
come home safe!!