Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Fashion Favorites.

So I have always thought of Kohls as an "old lady" store.... but boy was I wrong! I have found so many cute items there from clothing, to scarfs, belts, purses, shoes, jewelry, and much more! They always have my favorite brands on sale. Not only have I found steals of deals in the store... they are constantly mailing/emailing coupons (15%, 20% even 30%!) I think I am addicted!

You need to check out LC Lauren Conrads Brand. She has to be one the of the cutest people ever. Her clothes are adorable and is a majority of what has been added to my closet.

Here are some recent finds from LC that I love!

Also was a little surprised to see CANDIES with some decent shoes! I have two new ones and I love them!

Go check out Kohls... I promise you will not leave disappointed or empty handed!

Slight Obsession

OPI- Burlesque Nail Polish.

I recently have been really looking for some cute nail polishes. What do you know, I found them! I now own two and I love them! They are super super easy to put on and really glam up any look.

They are a little on the pricey side ($8.50) but definitely worth it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My adorable good friend Blythe Hill is a super fashionista.... She started "DRESSEMBER" last year and it was a hit! She wore nothing but dresses for the entire month of December (31 days!) Considering being a fashionista myself and having a plethora of dresses ;) I decided to jump on this year with Blythe! So here are the rules... 31 days, only dresses, no pants... repeats are allowed! Just take a picture of yourself everyday in a dress and post it to your blog. I think this idea is so fun and Blythe is throwing the invite out there... Come join in ladies on reclaiming/embracing/celebrating femininity! (pulled most info from her blog, which is genius... check it out!)