Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Dressember!

DRESSEMBER started yesterday!
Now day two and I am loving this!
Love feeling so feminine!

Day 1
* Dress- Target
* Jacket- Kohls
* Tights- Express
* Boots- Love D
*Belt- Target
*Bracelet- Gift
* Feather Necklace- Gift
*Round Gold Earrings- SwapMeet

Day 2
*Dress- Lauren Conrad
*Jacket- New York and Company
*Belt- H&M
*Boots- Foreign (Nicaragua)
* Feather Earrings- Forever 21

-Not too late to join in! Do it!!-


blythe said...

aww love your floral frocks! you're too cute. :)))

and LOVE that chalkboard incorporation! :D

Amy Hood said...

I love your dresses so far!

It's Bethany Pee said...

p rod you're the cutest!

blythe said...

peter! will you be joining in the Dressember festivities again this year? Let me know if I can add you to the list of participants! ;)